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UK Income tax rate will not increase

14 March 2019
The National Assembly for Wales has agreed not to use its new powers to increase income tax in the coming 2019/2020 tax year. [..]
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Panama TAX incentives for established companies updated

13 March 2019
Law No. 66 of 13 December 2018, relating to the tax incentives for companies established in the Panama-Pacific special economic zone, modifies Law No. 41 of 2004.[..]
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SFM now offering Canada Incorporations

24 February 2019
SFM is delighted to now offer incorporation services in Canada. The country offers 0% taxation for nonresident companies and many more attractive advantages. [..]
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Defining Company Migration, continuation and re-domiciliation

20 February 2019
The process of Company Migration, sometimes referred to as Re-domiciliation or Continuation, refers to de-registering a company in one jurisdiction and re-registering in another jurisdiction. [..]
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